We work with companies in the capital equipment, renewable energy, and service industries, helping them develop and implement a winning Saudi Arabia market entry strategy to increase sales and grow their business across all MENA region. If you are interested in exploring your opportunities in Saudi Arabia or you would like to access the Arab markets by establishing or expanding a subsidiary with strong regional partner ? You are at the right adress.


Your gateaway to success in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi market raises many questions for International companies:

  • Does my product fit the Saudi market?
  • What is the right marketing concept?
  • Which legal aspects apply?
  • How do I get in touch with business partners and customers?
  • How do I communicate successfully in Arabian business culture ?

Our Consulting Services Department assists and supports global companies with their Saudi Arabia market entry and expansion plans. In close cooperation with our clients we develop solutions tailored to our clients needs and professionally guide our clients throughout the process.

As a strategic operations and Saudi market entry consulting firm, we help companies :

  • Fine tune products for Saudi Arabia and other Arab markets
  • Improve competitive advantage
  • Plan market entry, product launch, sales, and customer support strategies
  • Establish and manage sales channels
  • Generate sales, manage relationships, and support marketing
  • Above all, we open the gateway to high sales — and mutually profitable partnerships.
  • Saudi Arabia has the biggest market in Middle East and North Africa Region ( MENA ) ; a market that has a lot of long term businesses. The number of companies in Riyadh alone is almost 500,000 and growing. The Saudi economy is the 20th largest economy in the world. Is this reason enough?
  • Diversifying Saudi economy is vital for region sustainability. Although oil and gas are essential pillars of the Kingdom, Saudi Arabia has begun expanding its investments into additional sectors.This requires Saudi Arabia to invest in all its resources in order to diversify its economy, unleash the capabilities of its promising economic sectors and privatize some government services. Therefore; Saudi Arabian government has begun to permit private sector and foreign investor participations in a try to diversify its economy that will provide a long term growth opportunity for international companies with promising business models for the region.
  • Here is the final reason comes: For some companies and industries, thought leaders to be exact, Saudi Arabia is still a ‘large developing market’ that is yet to be saturated. It can take as much as possible and welcomes new ideas, products and services. As an early adopter, if a brand can get into this market with strong products, it can grow fast in Saudi Arabia and  develop its brand value with greater potential for long term success in the 500 million population markets of Middle East and North Africa region.

Our mission :

To produce long term sustainable growth stories with succesful international businesses in Saudi Arabia which will help to produce great share values and strong economical future for our region`s next generations and for all our partners.

How exactly we do what we do :

Our advisory firm is led by the top management of Alzahid Group Holding, a massive conglomerate base in the KSA— What began as a construction business in 1951 is now considered to be the one of the largest private groups in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, bringing in more than $14 billion annually from businesses that touch virtually every industry and every part of Arabian life. AT MENA GLOBAL, we help international companies emplfly their regional business opportunities by simply helping them to grow in our markets with the experience and strong business network of Alzahid Group Holding. Expanding into a fast growth markets like Saudi Arabia and other MENA countries such as UEA can be an effective way to leverage your core business for growth. But it takes a disciplined process to accurately assess the potential of each growth opportunity, because a bad bet can bog down your business and your investments.

At MGA, we simply help international companies to streamline these complex processes, enabling them to enter our markets efficiently, with significantly less risk, at a reduced cost - and with greater potential for long term success.


Companies that plan to export to Saudi Arabia and other MENA countries but do not have any relational network in their targeted regions generally contact their embassy’s business services department, a Chamber of Commerce and Industry or a legal firm to determine the necessary formalities and procedures.

AT MENA GLOBAL, this is exactly what we do; we assist international companies. Here are the basic advantages of doing business with MENA GLOBAL ;

  • Direct consultation  from the top business management team of Alzahid Group Holding; one of the most succesful business management team in KSA with an outstanding business development and investment management track record for Saudi market.

  • Investment option to develop a regional JV factory or production area in selective businesses with Alzahid Group Holding in order to increase your brand`s long term competitiveness  in Saudi Arabia as well as Egypt, Qatar, Kuveyt, Bahrain and UAE.

  • Establishing an fast local presence without having many legal and financial troubles.

  • Fine tune products for the Saudi market

  • Improve competitive advantage

  • Plan market entry, product launch, sales, and customer support strategies

  • Establish and manage sales channels

  • Generate sales, manage relationships, and support marketing

  • Above all, we open the gateway to high sales — and mutually profitable partnerships.


Our Advisory firm is led by the CEO of our parent company, Abdulrahman Alzahid. Mr. Alzahid has been playing a vital role in the industrial development of the Saudi Arabia. He is an executive board member of Suadi Sweedish and also Suadi Italian business councils. As the CEO of one of the largest business groups in Saudi market, Mr. Alzahid personally pays considerable attention to business development activies of international businesses in Arab markets.

Whether you're a well known renawable energy company or you're just starting to build your tech brand in US market. If you think that your business identifies a GAP in developing Arab economies and you can fill that GAP with your products or services, Mr. Alzahid and his team in MENA GLOBAL ALLIANCES would like to hear from you to develop your brand with you in Saudi Arabia.

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